Pittacum Vineyards & Winery creates wines with personality, regularity and quality within the D.O. Bierzo.



Visit Pittacum

We will do a guided tour through the winery with one of the team members. The tour ends with a tasting of our wines Petit, Pittacum and Petit Rosé. The approximate length is 40 minutes. There are different options to taste any of our wines.

To arrange a visit is necessary to fill the web form up to 48 hours before your requested date. After receiving your request, we will contact you to confirm via email. The time schedule is in keeping with the availability of the winery and the visitor’s request. You can choose the language of the visit between Spanish and English.

The price of the visit is 5€ per person (incl.VAT), which will be discounted from each purchase at the wine shop totaling at least 10€ (incl.VAT).

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